walmart credit card login

Wal-Mart is very popular retail store chain in American (USA) . Walmart is voiced with many names that operate as a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores.

Walmart is offering credit cards for its retail customers with many benefits to shop from retail store, get discount, online login form Walmart credit card to pay bills, send payments from mailing address and other online benefits.

Walmart credit cards can be used at Walmart stores, Walmart website and Sam’s Club. There is no annual fee for holding the Walmart’s credit or master card. Three ways to apply for the Credit card are.

  • Going into Any Walmart store
  • At any Walmart jewelry store
  • On Walmart’s website to Apply Credit Card

How to Apply Walmart Credit Card Login  to Get Instant Approval

If you want instant approval of Walmart credit card, store is the best place to apply.

To apply on website first an account has to be created on and only then credit card can be applied for.

What is the Pre Requisites for Opening an Account

Walmart Credit Card Pre Requisites for opening a new accounts are:

  • apply for the card and be approved for a consumer Walmart credit card account online at offical website
  • Make a qualifying purchase on the same day you open your account (excluding cash advances, gifts card sales, money orders and gas purchases)

Account Opening Offer

Each newly opened account is eligible for only one $25 offer. Offer valid through September 14, 2017

Rewards of Walmart Credit Card Account Holders

In Walmart’s simplified rewards value proposition dubbed 3-2-1 save, users can earn 3% cash back on purchases made on (includes Walmart pickup and site to store purchases); 2% cash back on purchases at Walmart or Murphy USA gas stations; and 1% cash back on all other purchases wherever the Walmart credit card or Walmart Master card are accepted.

Statement credits will be issued monthly for Rewards earned on purchases posted within that month. Cash advances, quick cash advances, fees and internet charges do not qualify for Rewards. All rewards are provided by Synchrony Bank (with which Walmart master card is affiliated).

How to Create New Walmart Credit Card  Login Sign in Account Online

to register/signup yourself for the first time, you need to open link and follow these four steps:

  1. Click Create an Account
  2. Name and email address to be entered on the sign-up screen
  3. Create a password and confirm it
  4. Click on Create Account

If logged in for the first time user and apply for credit card then need to fill in following forms and press “accept and submit”

If already in possession of Walmart credit card then register by opening this link

Press continues and 4 digit numeric passcode will be sent by text or phone on your given number which is to be entered on the next screen. Registration will be completed.



How to Walmart Credit Credit Card Log-In for Already Created Account

  1. Email address and password is required to log in / sign in

How to  Reset a Forgotten Password

  1. Open  This link
  2. Click on the reset password link
  3. Enter user ID and Zip code and challenge question and reset your password

Walmart Credit Card Bill Payment – Pay Bill

Sign in Walmart credit card is essential to pay bills from your online account easily. Browse ‘Pay Bill ‘ section to pay off your outstanding dues online to clear your liability.

There are other ways for Walmart credit card bill payments are listed below

  1. Email
  2. By Phone
  3. From Walmart Outlet Store
  4. Online e-Payments
  5. Check Free

How to Report Stolen/Lost Walmart Credit Card

In case you lost the Walmart credit card, don’t worry you can immediately report customer support service 1-877-294-7880 to block the card.

  • Guidance to Issue New Walmart Credit Card
  • Browse the Walmart official website and login sign in page
  • Press the replacement button to send request for new Walmart Credit Card
  • You will ask some question like address and phone number for deliver

Walmart Credit Card Customer service & Contact number

For any assistance or query contact number is 1-877-969-3668 (Walmart Credit Services toll-free number)

If you have applied for Walmart credit card and still not got any response so you can check easily Walmart credit card application status at 1-877-696-3668 which is Walmart credit card inquiry toll free number. Once your Walmart credit card is approved it will be delivered at your location within 7 days to 10 business days.

Walmart credit card application approval rate & probability is normally very high but some time under 400 credit score point’s applications are approved. But it is all on Walmart company policy which might change time to time.  After approval and received the credit card, Walmart credit card activation process is required from official website to start the Walmart credit card login procedure.

Walmart Phone Number 1-877-294-7880 (24/7) Customer Support
Walmart Address P.O. Box 39, Roswell, GA 30077-0039
Web Site Address